Let’s rap.

So this will be the first post!

I love video games. I think they are the best. I don’t like Gaming Culture, however. Don’t get me wrong, some people who play videogames are great! Like me, for example. But there’s  a lot of bad out there too.

The aim of my writings is to bring some form of level-headedness to gaming discussion, to keep things open and pleasant.

It’s a very corporate hobby, ours. We are sold these toys and, like the toys we had when we were children, we create fairly strong emotional connections to them. I know people who have tattooed Zelda iconography on themselves, we’ve reached that point! But unlike when we were children, and fairly oblivious to a lot of the outside world, we are savvier. About buisness, about other people, about MONEY.

And I feel like this is probably the reason why we struggle so much in discussing video games. In Australia, a new release game will cost you $100+. That’s a pretty big investment for anyone, especially for such a frivolous commodity. So we need to know that whatever we drop that currency on will be nothing more than The Best Thing Ever.

And we feel the need to justify our purchases by going online and telling everyone that the IP that we’ve supported is indeed the best thing ever! It’s the same thing when someone pays for you to go to a movie. Even if the product is crap, you don’t want to admit that you blew money on it.

So we get adamant about our purchases.

And my blog is about pointing out poor behaviour, from the enthusiast, the corporation, even myself.

But it’s also about discussion and brainfarts!


About rion1

Guy who produces less than he should.
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